Battlefield Mesh Viewer


BfMeshView is a 3D model viewer for the Battlefield series, and has evolved to provide many useful editing features for modding. It supports virtually all BF1942, BF2, BF2142, BFH and BFP4F mesh files.

BfMeshView is Free Open Source software! The source code is included in the download.

Keep in mind that this program is a work in progress. New versions may include experimental features that are unfinished and not thoroughly tested. Please report any issues to moc.drazahetyb@njitram!



2019-02-02 (version 2.5.3)

This release is mainly a bug-fix release.

Known Issues:

Latest Version

The VB6 source code, and runtimes (DLL files) are included. You can keep your settings from previous versions by copying the "config.ini" file to the new BfMeshView directory.

Download: (2.5 MB)



To view a model, run BfMeshView and open the file through the menu (File > Open). However, it is generally much more productive to enable file type association via Options > Preferences so that you can open the files by double clicking on the file in Windows Explorer. This will also allow you to view meshes from ZIP archives without extracting them manually.

BfMeshView also supports file drag and drop for all supported file types.


To view models with textures, add your mod directory to the texture path list (Options > Preferences).

As of version 2.2.0, BfMeshView now supports suffixed texture loading. To add custom suffixes, close BfMeshView, open config.ini in notepad, add the suffix, save, and start BfMeshView. Suffixes can be activated/deactivated via the menu Options > Texture Suffix.


To play back BF2 animations, first load the player model (*.skinnedmesh), then drag and drop the respective skeleton file (*.ske) onto the BfMeshView window, then drag and drop the animation file (*.baf).

Workspace Files

BfMeshView also has limited workspace support for BF2 files. This is mainly intended for binding together a skinnedmesh, a skeleton and an animation file. It allows you to quickly open a file without drag-and-drop again and again, when you are debugging a player model or animation. You can create one manually in Notepad, saving the file with .bfmv extension. An example is displayed below:




Both relative and absolute file paths are supported. Relative paths are relative to the workspace file.

BfMeshView on Linux

BfMeshView runs on Linux with Wine and is fully functional. You may need to install or update your Linux graphics drivers for good performance and GLSL shading.

If you see viewport corruption when resizing the BfMeshView window, or if mouse input results into delayed viewport refreshes, disable v-sync of your graphics driver. For example, if your machine has an nVidia graphics card, you can do this through the "NVIDIA X Server Settings" control panel.

If BfMeshView fails to start, or if the "File Open", dialog doesn't show, you may need to download and place the runtime libraries (linked elsewhere on this page) to the BfMeshView directory. You can also copy the runtimes to the Wine c:/windows/system32/ directory, but be careful to make backups when overwriting files, as replacing these libraries may affect other software running under Wine!

Older Versions

Additional Runtimes

These system files may, or may not, be needed to run BfMeshView on your computer. If BfMeshView refuses to start, place these files inside the BfMeshView executable directory.

Download: (1.89 MB)

2018-02-12 (version 2.4.0)

This release brings a large number of changes that have accumulated over the last year, mainly adding BF2 mesh editing tools and productivity improvements for common or repetitive tasks. Note that this is a raw untested beta-release; some things may be utterly broken, incomplete, or undocumented.

Known Issues:

    Download: (398 KB)

2017-01-11 (version 2.3.2)

    Download: (361 KB)

2012-10-04 (version 2.2.0)

    Download: (349 KB)

2011-05-15 (version 2.1.0)

    Download: (205 KB)

2011-03-14 (version 2.0.0)

    Download: (206 KB)

2010-08-06 (version 1.9.0)

    Download: (180 KB)

2009-08-14 (version 1.8.0)

    Download: (141 KB)

2009-04-19 (version 1.7.0)

    Download: (133 KB)

2009-04-17 (version 1.6.0)

    Download: (129 KB)

2008-12-04 (version 1.5.0)

    Download: (116 KB)

2008-10-28 (version 1.4.0)

    Download: (114 KB)

2008-10-09 (version 1.3.0)

    Download: (111 KB)

2008-05-17 (version 1.2.0)

    Download: (107 KB)

2008-02-15 (version 1.1.0)

    Download: (72.7 KB)

2008-02-09 (version 1.0.0)

    Download: (64.3 KB)